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Hanging deer feeder holds 300 lbs of wild game feed by Castaway Feeders

1. Comes with 4 sturdy galvanized steel legs to prevent them from rusting. The legs also protect the spinner plate and cone when transporting or lowering the feeder.

2. Comes with a hanging bar with 1/2" quick link shackle that has been tested and certified to a break strength of 3200 lb. This allows for secure and easy hanging.


1. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor, and a limited 2-year warranty on all other components. ( lid clips, and battery have a one-year warranty).

2. Comes complete with a Premium grade 12v rechargeable battery, that will last 14-16 months before recharging. Recharge the battery every 12 months (with proper charger) and this will help extend the battery life.

 3. The high performance motor has a 6"x 5/16"stainless steel shaft, that will deliver an even spread pattern up to a 120-foot radius, without dumping excess feed under the feeder. This also allows more animals and a variety of different animals that may compete with each other, to feed at the same time.

4. Components (timer, motor, and battery) are mounted internally to help shield them from all weather conditions. Click here

5. The stainless steel spinner plate can be adjusted up or down, to accommodate different types and amounts of feed, even when the feeder is full, Also allowing the feeder to be emptied by doing nothing more than removing the stainless steel spinner plate.

6. Has a uniquely designed funnel that eliminates all
feed from collecting within the feeder allowing you to refill at your convince, so there is no lapse in your feeding program.

7. Comes with a galvanized lid designed to shed water not hold water. Held in place by four easy on/off stainless steel latches. The lid is designed to protect your feed from rain and moisture.

                                        Feeder Kits
This feeder is available in a kit. It comes complete with everything needed except a rechargeable 12V battery. The only tools required are a #2 Phillips head screw driver, a 3/8” wrench and a punch for aligning holes. A little of your time will save you alot of money. Our feeder kits are manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure years of rugged use by professional outfitters and hunters who want proven reliability year after year.

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