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Our game feeders are
"worry-free"and simple to operate!

With the easy to use timer you choose how many feed cycles per day (up to 6) and set the spin time from 1 to 30 seconds for each cycle. Then set the motor speed to one of the three settings (high, medium or low). Next press the test button to make sure things are working exactly the way you want them to. The timer also displays how much battery power is left so you know when it needs a recharge. Fill you feeder up with feed, close the lid and forget about it!
The 12 volt battery will operate your feeder up to 12 months between charges. During that time all you have to do is add feed and check the battery level indicator. If you are feeding twice a day for 3 seconds using a medium speed with a 350 LB. feeder, the feed will last one to two months. When it's time to recharge the 12 V battery simply switch it out with a fresh one by unplugging the two slip-on spade connectors. The timer does not loose it's programming while it is unplugged from the 12 V battery.
The superior design and high quality materials used in our feeders is the reason they are worry-free and simple to operate. Check out all the features we offer.

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