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117 Spinner Tray The stainless steel spinner tray fits the 30 and 35 gallon feeders.
12/6 Volt Timer Castaway 12/6V timer Castaway Digital Timer. Operates 6/12v system
123 Barrel Legs The legs support the feeder to keep it from sitting on the spinner plate when the feeder is lowered to be filled. The legs (come in a set of 3) fit the 30 and 35 gallon feeders.
130 Battery Charger This battery charger is the correct size for the battery used in our feeders. Using this charger will extend the life of your battery.
200LB Quad 200LB Quad Feeder Introducing the NEW 200lb Quad.
B12 12 Volt Battery Keeping a fully charged spare battery to swap out with the one in your feeder is a good idea.
Castaway 6/12V Timer Castaway Feeders 6/12v Timer Castaway 6/12v digital timer
Digital Timer 11 Castaway Digital Timer 11 Castaway Feeders 12v Digital Timer.
F 55 55 Gallon Feeder Castaway Feeders 350lb Spin cast feeder allows you to manage your game longer without having to make constant trips to the woods. Comes complete with a 12v rechargeable battery, and a digital timer that can be programmed for 6 separate feed cycles, allow
F 55 Grvty Gravity Feeder 350 Lb. Castaway Feeders 350lb Gravity flow feeder comes with 18 gauge galvanized tubing, black powder coated with a 6 swage, totaling 90inches long when assembled. Built with four separate, deer friendly, feed stations, 31inches from the ground, allowing for mu